Can you think of some of the biggest names in your industry?

Next question – why are they the biggest names and you’re not?

Is it because they are better than you?

More talented?

More qualified?

More experienced?

If the answer is no, then what’s going on?

Well, the difference is that they’ve raised their status and have successfully shaped the perception of their brand in a way that makes them in-demand.

They are trusted, have built a solid reputation and are reaching audiences in the millions on repeat. And they keep doing so.

So, those big names you thought of earlier- go and look them up now and notice their media presence and over how long that has been. All big names have a consistent presence in the media.

They have built omnipresence, the ability to seem as though they are everywhere at once. This is no coincidence and it doesn’t happen by accident. They are there because their PR teams are keeping them there!