Do you want to build authority, get huge exposure and become the go - to name in your industry?

You’ve got a message that can change lives, you know your audience well and your offer is off the scale!

You’ve been posting on social media, emailing your list, you may have ads running and going live… now you’re feel called for something even bigger.

What you’ve achieved up to now is fucking incredible but if you are here reading this… I know that you are not done.

You’ve got more levels to climb, more people to impact and you want to amplify what you’ve created.

This is where a kick ass PR strategy comes in

With PR, not only are you reaching wide new audiences on repeat but you’re being endorsed by brands and celebrities that your ‘fuck yes’ clients already know. This busts through the trust barrier before you’ve even spoken to them. You know how it’s so much easier to convert a potential client that’s come through a referral? Well, this has the same effect x100!

The issue is that most people don’t know how to pitch to media outlets effectively or they don’t have the time/desire to do so.

So, before we move on, to figure out the route that’s most suited to you click on the statement that best applies to you.