Priced at £10,000, the Media Maverick Mastermind is an explosive ‘done with you’ PR service and a visionary collective designed to help you to embody your Dauntless energy, embracing your message, your audience, your purpose and who the fck you are on a deeper level and then broadcasting that to the world by appearing on TV, radio, podcasts, in top publications and other press.

This is YOU becoming the name that’s associated with your topic and getting your voice heard by huge audiences.

This is YOU exploding your brand while staying true to yourself and in integrity.

This is YOU creating a motherfcking legacy that will last for generations to come.

What you get

Exclusive online community
Voxer chat ‘PR Tinder’- we match your story with the right journalist/producer
Voxer chat ‘pitching clinic’- we work with you to create the most compelling pitches
Weekly Zoom pitching clinic
Monthly Dauntless Roast (mock interview with a twist!)
Monthly Masterclass
Monthly planning session
Lifetime access to course content

Join now and get your professional Media kit created for you! Topics covered in the mastermind include:

1. Becoming magnetic to press opportunities – creating a personal brand that is so compelling and attractive that media outlets seek you out for interviews and features. Warning- the side effect of this work is that it also makes you extra irresistible to your ideal clients.

2. Media monetisation – how to use your media exposure to turn it into revenue for your business.

3. Media Maverick Identity – developing a strong personal brand and unique identity that stands out in the online space, and using it to communicate a powerful message to your audience.

4. Dauntless Pitching – this is a pitching technique developed by Dauntless PR that focuses on being bold, creative, and strategic in your pitch, and tailoring it to the specific needs and interests of the media outlet.

5. Dauntless Interview Technique – deliver powerful and impactful interviews while staying true to yourself and knowing how to navigate difficult or sensitive topics with certainty and professionalism.

6. Crisis communications: How to handle and respond to negative publicity or a crisis situation

7. Brand storytelling: How to craft compelling and effective messaging that showcases your brand’s unique value proposition

8. Launches: How to plan and execute successful launch PR campaigns

9. Social media strategy: amplify your brand’s reach and engage with your target audience

10. International PR: How to adapt your PR strategy for different cultures and markets.

"Sounds great! What are the next steps?"
12 month membership to our exclusive mastermind is £10,000 (payment plan available) and for that you are guaranteed to start booking media placements within your first 30 days if you follow our steps!