You can get booked in media such as Fortune, Psychologies, This Morning, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, The Telegraph, Red, Vogue, OK! magazine, Stylist, Elle and so many more.
You can be reaching huge new audiences on repeat and all of this can be done for you while you are working on other areas of your business, spending time with your family or just chilling at the beach with a cocktail.
Our process is simple & direct

By responding to any incoming requests we get as an agency. We’re on the lists of most of the mid and top tier publications, TV, radio and podcasts globally.

We create and follow your bespoke and flexible PR plan for your outreach campaign.

Your requirement is to:

1. Check your ‘PR in my Pocket’ chat every day for new opportunities.
2. Turn up to your bookings and shine!
3. (Optional) Work your way through the course portal and attend our masterclasses on visibility mindset, monetising your media and fine tuning your interview technique.

And that’s it!

Tap Into our Decades of Experience and Vast Expertise Instead of Spending Years Figuring It Out on Your Own

You don’t just get a publicist working on your behalf. At Dauntless PR, you get your very own publicist, in-house journalist, PR advisor and have full and direct access to company founder, Luana Ribeira.

Each has their skillset, experience and contacts that they bring in to ensure our clients get the BEST results possible.

Get Huge and Rapid Results
We typically get people huge coverage and quick. Like business and mindset coach, Ellie Burscough, who reached a total audience of a whopping 215 MILLION with the story of her journey into business over the space of just 10 days!!!

This coverage would have cost her over $2 million if she had paid for ads in the outlets she was featured
in. Thankfully, she was working with us and so didn’t have to!

Get booked for incredible placements, here’s what you get:

Learn how to use your media to effectively grow your business

Learn advanced interview techniques used by A list actors

Support before, during and after bookings by our team of experts

Huge and consistent bookings

1:1 pitching clinics with top UK journalist as required

The investment for this is £20,000 for 12 months of fully done for you PR. We can
arrange payment plans and the team will be happy to discuss this with you if we are
a ble to offer you a VIP spot.

“OK, So Who Is This For?”

Rebel creative personal brands who are creating a positive impact in the world!

“If I apply, will I definitely be accepted?”

No, we don’t accept all applicants. Our VIP spots are incredibly limited (that’s not a BS scarcity tactic we can only take 10 VIP clients at a time due to it being fully done for you). All VIP clients must fit the above criteria, but also: we must know wi th 100% certainty that we will be able to get you meaningful and consistent PR bookings before you are offered a spot.

How many bookings and features am I likely to get?

You are likely to book an average of 1 placement a week when worked out over the 12 months.

What type of bookings am I likely to get?

Again, there are many factors that come into play as to what you will be booked for and
what features you will get, but you’ll be going for a combination of TV, radio, podcasts,
magazines, books and news, both online and in print.

Who do you receive enquiries from?
Fortune, Business Insider, OK! Magazine, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Forbes, Huffington
Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, Hello, ITV News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Men’s Health, Psychology Today, Stylist, Women’s Running, Express, Real Business, Luxury Lifestyle, This Morning and many many more!

What if I don’t get featured?
You will. We wouldn’t take you on otherwise and we’re so confident in this that we guarantee you an average of a booking a week (over the course of the year) and if youdon’t hit this, we’ll keep working FREE until you do. 

Well, duh... it’s a no brainer then, isn’t it!

You said it!

What’s the next step then?