Blow up your brand with PR
Our client Sex Therapist Lyndsey Murray had a small local business and is now a global brand with a full practice!
Lifestyle & Fitness Coach Scott Harrison shot to Sunday Times bestseller with the launch of his new book and sold 5000 spots on his program.
Juliet Owen- Nuttall grew her business by 100% after she started working with Dauntless PR.
What PR does is it increases your visibility to make more people aware of you.
It helps you to cut through the noise and stand out. Builds your credibility. And as a result of all of these things, more people KNOW you and TRUST you. This makes your sales process more effective.
Huge personal brands such as Taylor Swift, Tony Robbins and Elon Musk understand this very well. That’s why they got PR to help them build their brand and why they continue today and always will as long as they want to stay relevant.
So if you want…

To be the known expert on your topic
To be a trusted authority in your space
To create a big impact
Security in your business

And you have…

An online business
A personal brand
An offer that’s selling

Our free masterclass- Blow up your brand with PR- might just be for you

I’ll be guiding you through how to…

Earn top media placements without paying through the doors
Create an irresistible press pitch
Reach audiences in the millions every month
Bypass the social media algorithm
Become known as the trusted expert on your topic

So… you in??

This will be held on Zoom
21st March 2024
4pm UK

March masterclass 2024