I’m so excited to share this with you!!!
The Media Impact Accelerator is a completely unique concept that can get you similar incredible results as our VIP clients but at a fraction of the cost. It’s an explosive done WITH you service that can get you booked repeatedly in media outlets such as Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, OK! Magazine, Psychologies, Men’s Health, This Morning, The Today Show as well as high-level podcasts and so many more! We’ve done the hard work and the time-consuming bits and have created a system that makes it quick and easy for you!
By purchasing this service you confirm you have read and agreed with the terms
Here’s how it works:

Every day you check what requests we’ve had incoming from journalists, podcast hosts, and TV presenters from outlets such as the above and let us know which you want to be submitted for.

You are proactive and send out 1-2 pitches a day to your chosen outlets who we will provide the best contacts for.

You write your own pitches with our support and then we help you to get each one placed! There’s a quick training on how to write a simple and effective pitch.

We help you refine it until it’s ready to go and then we provide you with the best contact for that particular time because we know who is most likely to be interested.

For support you can either post in our exclusive online community or you can jump onto one of our weekly pitching clinics with one of the top UK journalists where you can also come for help with angles, brainstorming, media interview technique and how to get the best out of your PR.

Want help with your media interview technique so you are ready for any given question or situation and can be confident in the knowledge that you will always come out with your reputation gleaming and with the ability to effectively call your people back to your space? No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Not only do you get access to our game-changing Dauntless Media Interview training course but we also run regular Dauntless Roast sessions where you put what you’ve learnt into practice so that every actual interview is your best one.

Other skills you will learn:

How to uplevel your profiles to attract more media opportunities (warning – the side effect of this work is that you can also attract more of your ideal clients!)

Monetizing your media

Creating synergy between traditional andsocial media for maximum result

Visibility mindset – stepping into the Dauntless Maverick identity and seamlessly upleveling as you develop omnipresence.

The Media Impact Accelerator may be for you if:

You want to book incredible features but prefer to invest more time than money

You are able and willing to dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to get in front of new audiences in the millions on repeat

You have a bold message that will impact the world in a positive way

You have an ethical business and want to help people

You are committed to taking action (this is not a program where you can learn a bunch of stuff that you never put into practice)

You are ready to get creative with your angles and to share your stories

This Is Not For You If:

You’re not going to do the work and then complain that it’s not working (buying the thing isn’t enough, you know!)

You take pride in being the World’s Best-Kept Secret

You’re one of these people who convinces themselves they don’t need to pitch because they’re so amazing, the media will come to them (note – these are also the same people who sit back and wonder why clients aren’t flocking to them too)

You think PR is a magic fix for your business. It’s for brand awareness and credibility which amplifies what you’re already doing but does not fix or create something that doesn’t work.

Your message is disempowering or harmful to other people, animals, or the planet
You don’t want to pitch, you prefer to pay through the doors (that’s not us – all our client features are EARNED)

Still with me?

Great! Membership to our exclusive mastermind is a one-off £5,000 or 12x easy payments of £499, and for that, you are guaranteed to start booking media placements within your first 30 days if you follow our steps.

By purchasing this service you confirm you have read and agreed with the terms