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Blow up your brand
Ever dreamt of getting your brand featured on TV, radio, magazines, podcasts and more? The Media Impact Membership is your golden ticket! With our expert insights, previously reserved for high-paying clients (up to £30k/year!), you’re getting the secrets of media success for less than 1% of the cost so that you can put our game-changing PR strategies into action for yourself. We’re offering this at an insane price point to make it accessible for all. This is because we speak to so many incredible people with impactful messages who say ‘IF ONLY I COULD AFFORD PR. I KNOW WHAT I DO IS INCREDIBLE, I JUST NEED MORE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT ME.’ Well, this is for you!

Let’s take our VIP client Relationship Therapist Kendra Capalbo, for example. In just 10 months, she has reached an audience of over 2 billion in outlets such as Forbes, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, MSN, VICE, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Grazia, Medium, ELLE, CNN, POPSUGAR and over 200 more!

Or Global Speaker Andy Harrington who reached an audience of a billion in just a month with a story close to his heart in outlets such as Yahoo, AOL and Authority magazine.

And how about Sex Therapist Lyndsey Murray who went from running a local business in Texas to being a TV Sex Therapist whose practice is now jam-packed full of international clients after features in such outlets as Cosmopolitan, Vice, Pop Sugar, Glamour, Elle and TV including FOX 43 News, KVUE News on ABC and Newswest 9.

And, of course, Fitness Coach Martin Sharp who has blown up his brand with appearances on BBC’s Look North, Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch and over 100 features including Sports Illustrated, Yahoo, AOL, Fortune, The Telegraph, The I and GQ.

Media training includes

Pitching for media (no paying through the doors!)

Build your contacts

Craft engaging articles for publication

How to prepare for your media interviews

Tips & tricks for effective media interview delivery

Navigate any interview scenario with confidence and skill

Build your profile to attract media opportunities (and more clients!)

Design a Standout Media Kit

Write and distribute persuasive press releases

How to apply your features to your business for growth

Dealing with trolls and negativity while enhancing your reputation

How to adopt a mindset that will allow you to maximise your visibility

Create irresistible offers

Deeply understand your audience

Clarify and Amplify Your Core Message

Build an unreasonable level of personal and professional confidence and self belief

Adopt the Dauntless attitude for phenomenal growth

… and more!!!

What you get:

Access to our exclusive community on Facebook

World-class training in media and how to apply it to your business

Weekly Q&A

This is for you if:

You’re a coach, entrepreneur, or creative who is building a personal brand and you want more eyes on YOU

You’re tired of the social media grind and want to reach larger audiences in less time

You want huge media without the huge financial outlay

You want to cut through the noise and be recognized for what you do

You want more credibility

Not for you if:

You offer unethical products/services

You are expecting PR to be a magic fix for your business (PR will not fix or create anything, it will amplify what you’re already doing)

You’re unwilling to commit to taking action

Bat Shit Crazy Investment

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By purchasing this service you confirm you have read and agreed with the terms