Dauntless Media Impact VIP is a fully done for you PR service for personal brands. We can get you booked for media such as Fortune, Psychologies, This Morning, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, The Telegraph, Red, Vogue, OK! Magazine, Stylist, Elle, and so many more.
You can be reaching huge new audiences on repeat

All of this can be done for you while you are working on other areas of your business, spending time with your family, or just chilling at the beach with a cocktail. This program is for legitimate CEOs who recognize that big publicity is the necessary next step in their business. They have a revenue of 6 figures+ a year as a minimum and have been established 2 years or more.

Still with me? Great!

See what Global Speaker and Founder of the Professional Speakers Academy Andy Harrington had to say about his experience of working with us.

"OK, so how does this work?”

We’ve designed this program with busy CEOs in mind and have made it as easy as possible for you!

When you register, you’ll be assigned your very own publicist and journalist who will be pitching you on a daily basis, and you’ll receive full access to your dedicated PR team in your WhatsApp PR in my Pocket chat.

You’ll get a welcome call with your PR team where they’ll dig out the most effective stories and expert opinions and will then create your PR materials and get pitching! We follow both a proactive and a reactive approach. We pitch you to the outlets you want to be featured, and we also submit you for any suitable journalist requests that come to us – and we get a lot of these! 

We are fast!

With us, you won’t be sitting there for months while we’re working out a plan for you – we dive in and adjust the sails along the way.

This approach leads to huge coverage that’s rapid. Like when business and mindset coach, Ellie Burscough, reached a total audience of a whopping 215 MILLION with the story of her journey into business over the space of just 10 days!

Well, duh... it’s a no brainer then, isn’t it!

We specialize solely in personal brands, so we understand personal brands and their stages of growth from establishing their presence to then scale their impact.

We encourage authenticity, we’re flexible and can adapt as you and your brand evolves, and we have a deep understanding of the importance of creating synergy between your traditional and social media and guide you on how to do this effectively so you’re getting the best out of your PR.

Want help with refining your media interview technique

…So you are ready for any given question or situation and can be confident in the knowledge that you will always come out with your reputation gleaming and with the ability to effectively call your people back to your space? No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Not only do you get access to our game-changing Dauntless Media Interview training course, but we also run regular advanced-level Dauntless Roast sessions where you put what you’ve learned into practice so that every actual interview is your best one. 

The investment for this is £25,000 (or £2200 per month if you prefer a monthly payment) for 12 months of fully done for you PR which will result at the minimum of 52 placements we’re happy to guarantee this as we only offer spots to those we are 100% certain we can get the result for