We will get you major bookings on TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and press. All you need to do is turn up to your bookings and shine!

Yes, you can get booked in media such as Psychologies, This Morning, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Telegraph, Red and so much more, reaching huge new audiences on repeat and all of this can be done for you while you are working on other areas of your business, spending time with your family or just chilling at the beach with a cocktail.

“Hmm, OK Luana… how does it work then?”

1. As soon as you register, we schedule you in for an in depth call with our journalist in residence, Catherine Ball. In this call, you will brainstorm possible angles and the type of media that you would like to target. You will also fill in a simple form with the info we need to create your professional media kit.

The team will then get to work in creating your PR plan, your media kit and writing your pitches/press releases.

2. We add you to your very own ‘PR in your pocket’ group chat for you and Team Dauntless so we can be
on hand to support you through the entire process before, during and after your bookings. You will
have full access to your dedicated PR team that consists of a journalist, publicist and me (Luana Ribeira founder and MD of Dauntless PR) and we are there to offer both practical and emotional support.

If you’re here, reading this, the likelihood is that you’ll have already done a lot of personal development work as well as practical work in your business. So, you’re already fully aware of what happens when you level up and how your brain will try to talk you down to keep you small and playing safe. Well, by increasing your visibility on this level, you are also going to experience rapid growth and levelling up and we are here for you!

3. You get access to your course portal. We get you set up with your course portal where you will find simple, step by step video training on how to use your media for maximum results in your business and we will share with you, our SHINE system for being interviewed which will have you becoming even more magnetic towards your ideal clients.

On a daily basis our team will be working for you

We’ll be pitching you in 2 ways.

1. We’ll be submitting you for all of the suitable journalists request that come in to us. We get loads from outlets such as: Forbes, Business Insider, Authority Mag, Psychologies, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Entrepreneur, Ch4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, ITV’s This Morning, a wide range of podcasts in many niches and many more!

2. We also follow your PR plan for your outreach campaign. Where we target is based on your initial call.

Our process is simple and direct

We’re not going to spend months planning with you before you even send a pitch. If you are somebody
who is super organised and needs everything to be perfect before taking action, or wants to see an in
depth PR plan with projections and all the rest of it.


With Dauntless PR, we’ll be following a LOOSE plan and taking fast action WHICH GETS WAY BETTER

1. If you try to stick to a rigid plan in PR, you are going to be missing a lot of opportunities than if you have a loose plan, your eyes wide open and can navigate your way as you go. Things change every day in the press and you never know what’s going to be the next  hot topic that you can tie into or when a big story is going to burst that you can comment on from an expert’s perspective.

2. Speed beats perfection in media every time. The person who is hanging back waiting for everything to
be perfect will miss so many amazing opportunities, while the person who is bold and taking imperfect
action is making waves. We know this through the 50+ years of culminative experience of our key team members.

Tap into our decades of experience and vast expertise instead of spending years figuring it out on your own

Look, you can go alone and, if you stick at it, you’ll probably get yourself some media. But, from what I witness, most people don’t. The uplevelling process that comes with allowing yourself to be seen on this scale is huge and most people will fall into self sabotaging patterns that prohibit them from rising to new height.

Most won’t persevere enough to get booked in the first place and others will get one or two bookings before forgetting about it. Also, it ends up being just a vanity exercise as most don’t know how to convert their media into paying clients, which is something we also help you with

Get Huge and Rapid Results

We typically get people huge coverage and quick. Like business and mindset coach, Ellie Burscough, who reached a total audienc e of a whopping 215 MILLION with the story of her journey into business over the space of just 10 days!!!

This coverage would have cost her over $2 million if she had paid for ads in the outlets she was featured
in. Thankfully, she was working with us and so didn’t have to!

Here’s what you can expect when you join our VIP Media Impact Accelerator program:

Get booked for top media such as The Telegraph, Forbes, ITV’s This Morning, Psychologies, Red,
Ch4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, Men’s Health and many more!

Learn how to use your media to effectively grow your business-

Learn advanced interview techniques used by A list actors

Support before, during and after bookings by our team of experts

Huge and consistent bookings

1:1 pitching clinics with top UK journalist as required

“OK, Luana, this sounds great but what’s it going to cost me?”

First, imagine that you’re placed in front of an audience of… 1 million. You can easily do that within the next month. What’s the price point on your offer and how many more are you likely to sell? Then imagine you’re featured in something amazing and you can bring it back into your eco system to warm up your existing audience and to take your ‘on the fencers’ onto the right side of the fence?

What about these people who are Googling you and seeing what comes up, how is there perspective going to change now that you are being endorsed by celebrities and brand names they recognise?

The investment for this is £20,000 for 12 months of fully done for you PR. We can arrange payment plans and the team will be happy to discuss this with you if we are able to offer you a VIP spot.

Let’s compare that to other ways of reaching your audience! Social media I’m a huge fan of social media, this isn’t intended to replace what you’re doing on the socials but to amplify it! Sticking to the socials alone works to a point but you are typically only reaching your own audience and the algo Gods limit your reach because they want you to pay for ads. Also, it’s pretty dangerous to rely solely on platforms that are not ours the rules can change or we can get kicked off at any point.


Paying for ads can be a pretty good way of reaching your people. However, by paying for ads, whether that’s on Facebook, Linkedln, Google or on TV and in magazines, you are looking at some serious investment to be reaching the same number of people that you would through earned media. Plus, it’s not as effective as earned media because people, typically, don’t trust ads and will seek to avoid them.

Think about how you see ads most people will fast forward through ads if they can and there are even options with both TV and other media outlets where people can pay for an ad free experience PR gets you in content that people WANT and CHOOSE to consume. While they will not give you the credibility that PR does, they will give you reach, so let’s explore! It’s not unusual for our members to get their report from their latest press campaign showing that it would have cost them 6 or even 7 figures to buy ads in the places they’ve been featured. And, remember, they have lifetime access and can repeat the process every month for a lifetime. Now, this is where it gets crazy! Did you know a 30 second ad on national TV, depending on location, can cost you anywhere between £4500- 272,000 ($5656 – 340,000)? A 30 second ad. 30 seconds.

Compare that with our clients.

Let’s take founder of Sanomentology, Martin Rothery, for example. He booked a spot on ITV’s This Morning where he got to not only talk about his business but give a live demonstration to the hosts, Phil and Holly. So, if we stick to the low end of ad pricing, that would have cost him £45,000 ($ 56,448) and would it have been as effective? Well, he wouldn’t have had two of the UK’s most loved celebrities endorsing him and being moved (on air) by the experience he gave them. And it certainly wouldn’t have led to the other incredible opportunities that came as a direct result, such as BBC radio and Daily Mail amongst others. He reached an audience of 62 million in a 2 week period and his credibility was boosted so much that he then went on to open his own college!

Here’s what Martin has to say about his experience:

“62,000,000 People! That was my PR reach in just 2 weeks thanks to Luana Ribeira and her amazing
team. In just 2 weeks I featured on This Morning, BBC Radio, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Derbyshire Times (twice), The Derby Telegraph and MSN. If you want some great PR, and you probably need it, then Dauntless PR are the bee’s knees. Don’t think about it, get in touch and let them spread your brand, your business, or whatever you need!”

Pay to play

Pay to play can be cool as long as it’s the mod el of that outlet. There are a lot of dodgy pay to plays out there where contributors to big outlets have sold spots for features which go against the rules of that outlet sometimes charging up to $10k. These are best avoided you have no security, risk them being pulled at any point and I highly doubt you’d get a refund as it’s nothing to do with that particular publication.

But, let’s assume you’re going to pay to play in a way that’s legit. You’ll get the reach, sure, but there is one key thing that will be missing that you only get in media that is earned. And that is the number 1 main reason to go for PR. The thing that will make your marketing and sales process super easy. The thing that will have your fuck yes clients clamouring to work with you…

“Fuck sake, Luana. What is it?”

The trust that comes with your authority being boosted at such a scale. Lack of trust, being the main reason why your on the fencers haven’t taken the leap yet regardless of what they might say (but you already know that)

So sure, you can pay to play but most of the time it’s going to cost you MORE than what we are offering for a lifetime of earned media which is going to boost your credibility on repeat, and keep lifting you to greater and greater heights, as well as giving you amazing reach.

With VIP Media impact Accelerator, you can build your authority to such a scale that you can become the go to name in your industry whenever your topic is mentioned. I’m not talking A list fame here (though you could do that if you wanted) but what we focus on is getting your personal brand widely known and trusted within your niche which will result in amplifying your marketing and sales system so that you can easier call in your ‘fuck yes’ clients to work with you.

Beyond that, you can freely share your message with the world, creating a huge impact for those who are not in a position to work with you right now. I’ll never forget the first time someone from the other end of the globe contacted me after a TV appearance to say they were planning suicide but seeing my interview had given them hope. Fuck! Even without taking the financial gain, boost in credibility, becoming better known as an authority on my topic and my business growing into account… knowing I’d created a powerful shift in that one person made it all worthwhile.

You’ll never really know the impact you will be able to make. Together, we’ll be setting off a huge ripple effect of change. Going back to that person who contacted me his shift won’t only have affected him but also his friends, family and future generations. That’s just one person out of the 2 million who saw my interview that day, I don’t even know who else made changes.

So, you see… as much as this will be absolutely life changing for you, it will also be life changing for your people the people you can help who are, right now, waiting for you to show up with your message

“Yeah, Luana but there’s lots of people talking about my topic. Why would they listen to me?”
Because it doesn’t matter how many people are talking about your topic, none of them are YOU, with your exact outlooks, knowledge and experience. Some people will need to hear it, specifically, from you.
“OK, so who is this for?”

If you’ve got to this point, I’m going to assume that you are a coach, entrepreneur or an artist of some sort who is building a personal brand and want to create a positive impact in the world.

“If I apply, will I definitely be accepted?”

No, we don’t accept all applicants. We only work with people if they fit the above criteria, but also: If we know with 100% certainty that we will be able to get them meaningful and consistent PR bookings

We fully believe in their message and vision

They are not selling something that causes harm to any living being

They want to create a positive impact and share their stories from a place of power (as opposed to wanting publicity to get revenge, for example)

They do not promote hate, whether that’s in the media, on their socials or in private. This includes judgement based on race, sexuality, religion

If we have a spot available for you as we only accept 10 VIP clients at a time

How many bookings and features am I likely to get?

You are likely to book an average of 1 placement a week when worked out over the 12 months.

What type of bookings am I likely to get?

Again, there are many factors that come into play as to what you will be booked for and what features you will get, but you’ll be going for a combination of TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, books and news, both online and in print.

Who do you receive enquiries from?

Forbes, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, Hello, ITV News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Men’s Health, Psychology Today, Stylist, Women’s Running, Express, Real Business, Natwest Business Hub, Luxury Lifestyle, UK Mum, This Morning and more!

I don’t really have a story that the media would be interested in.

A lot of people think that, but believe me, you do. Some people have obvious rags to riches stories and
some need more creativity to dig out a story that is relevant and interesting to the press, but there is always a story and we will find it that’s a promise, it’s the first thing we’ll do. You’ll be surprised!

What if I don’t get featured?

If you don’t get an offer in the first 14 days (after your initial call), you get your money back.

The worst case scenario is that you don’t get featured, get a bunch of new marketing materials that you are welcome to continue using and get a full refund. This has never happened btw we only work with people who we are super confident we can get the results for.

Well, duh... it’s a no brainer then, isn’t it!

You said it!

What’s the next step then?


You weren’t born to be ordinary

You were born to shine!

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