Dauntless PR... not your ordinary agency!

1. At Dauntless, we don’t get you booked for interviews and leave you to it. We’ve been told by numerous clients that with previous agencies they felt like they were being thrown to the wolves… no, no, no, media should not feel like that!

Our clients are super confident going in for their interviews because we actively work with them to prepare them for anything that may happen. They go into their interviews with confidence and excitement!

2. As part of our VIP package, you get 3:1 coaching from me (founder of Dauntless PR, Luana Ribeira), publicist Eleanor Lucie, and journalist Catherine Ball.

You get all the support you need for monetising your media, interview technique and visibility mindset through your ‘PR in my pocket’ chat

3. We get a phenomenal number of journalists, hosts and producers requesting our clients time and time again.


Because they know we only send them the best of the best. We are consistent, we only pitch them stories we KNOW they will love and our clients always deliver, we make sure of it

4. We’re fluid, intuitive, and always ready to roll with the tide.

The media isn’t structured, it’s fluid. We create a bespoke, flexible plan for each of our VIPs with this in mind. One of the reasons we get such mind-blowing results is that we’re constantly looking for what’s hot in the media TODAY and tying our clients into that as opposed to following a rigid plan which is incredibly limiting.

Plus, we work great with you neurodivergents who like to pivot and shift plans at a moment’s notice (I see you, ha!) We flow WITH you and the news, not against you.

5. We are fast

We sometimes talk to people who have been with other agencies and haven’t had a booking 3 months in because “they’re still planning”.

We create your bespoke plan and start pitching within 24 hours. We’ve had clients book major media WITHIN AN HOUR of registering. This was unheard of in the PR industry until we came along!

6. With us, you’re getting not one, not two, but THREE experts with decades of experience under their belts.

Me (Luana), Eleanor, and Catherine each specialise in different areas, so you know you’re in good hands.

I have over 12 years’ experience of appearing in interviews regularly and am an expert in overcoming the fears, blocks and self sabotages that can come with a sudden rise in visibility, interview technique and monetising media.

Eleanor is an experienced publicist with amazing relationships across English- speaking media. She knows exactly what’s going on in the media world on a day to day basis and how to connect a story with the right journalist.

Catherine Ball is our journalist in residence, she has 21 years’ experience on the receiving end of media pitches and so knows exactly where stories will land. She is the absolute best at pulling angles and creating captivating pitches, press releases and articles. It’s not the norm for a PR agency to have a journalist in-house.

The other benefit of working with Team Dauntless is that you’re not relying on one person. There are great freelance publicists around but they are human, with their own lives. What happens if they’re on holiday or off sick? What opportunities will you be missing during that time? Media requires consistency and regardless of what’s going on in any Dauntless Team member’s life, it’s not going to affect your PR. We’ve got you covered!

7. We want you to be YOU – loud, proud, and unapologetic! You’ll never have a Dauntless team member telling you to change who you are to get more media bookings. No, no, no!

The opposite is true. We encourage you to be more of yourself and we place you in the right spaces. We’ve had far too many reports of people being lied to in the past and told they’re not getting bookings because they need to change who they are. If you’ve been told this, it’s not true I promise you.

YOU being more of YOU is what’s going to set you apart and get you MORE bookings- unless the agency is limited with who they can submit you to (which Dauntless PR is most definitely not!)

8. We hold strong values as a company. Love, acceptance (not even acceptance but celebration of individuality), and standing up for what’s right. We support LGBTQ+, equality, and diversity and stand against cruelty, racism, bigotry and other nonsense. We also avoid working with brands that cause harm to people, animals, or the planet.

9. We specialise in working with rebel personal brands because, well, that’s what we do best! We don’t spread ourselves thin trying to work with everyone. We focus on helping you shine so you’ll never feel like just another number on your agency’s books

10. We don’t do pay to play. All our client results are EARNED through pitching. With us, you get real, meaningful PR that raises your credibility and gives you phenomenal reach.

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