Every successful and well known brand out there has one thing in common

This thing has had them standing out among everyone else in their niche.

It’s helped them to define who they are and what makes them unique.

It’s drawn in their people and it’s repelled their not-people.

It’s subtly shaped your perceptions and has been a part of your decision making- even if you’re not aware of it.

It hasn’t just helped them to survive- it’s created security and has helped them to thrive

It’s not necessarily having the best product or service.

It’s not having some secret thing that nobody else has.

It’s not luck nor is it some superpower that allows the CEO to work 36 hours a day.

Every brand you know and love gets PR.

They’ve been getting PR for a very long time and continue to today and will never stop? Why won’t they stop? Because they realise it’s the thing that keeps them at the top and if they were to stop PR, their popularity would also dwindle. Then so would their sales.

I’m talking about real PR, of course. They didn’t slip a journalist 10k to write about them in Forbes or stick them on some top 100 entrepreneur list. They earned their placements. They made a decision to be part of the elite and to get PR for media that money can’t buy.