Getting quoted alongside other top experts

A great way to build omnipresence is to get into multi- voice pieces being quoted alongside other incredible experts in your niche.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re beneath you or there’s no value in them because it’s not a solo piece.

When people see a piece that is along the lines of ‘We spoke to 5 psychologists about…’ your audience thinks ‘OK, these 5 people must be a big deal’. What they’re NOT thinking is ‘Dave isn’t in this because he’s too important to be in anything less than a solo piece”, they just assume you weren’t relevant enough.

Being included within a piece which showcases a number of expert voices is a huge compliment and shows that what you said was interesting and relevant.

Something else to note is that some articles will ALWAYS have more than one voice.

Lots of outlets will say that for advice pieces, they need a minimum number of experts as that actually makes it more credible and reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of their audience.

Other benefits are that you are also being exposed to the other expert’s audiences.

“Yeah Luana, but they are also being exposed to mine if I share it!”

That’s right! And I fully believe that only my right fit clients will be attracted to me and that others may not be the right fit for me and would be better suited to someone else. By constantly being exposed to wide new audiences the scarcity fades away because you realise there’s an abundance of potential clients out there and you stop seeing others in your niche as competition. Because they’re not- they are them and you are you and the more you shine a light on that the better!