Have you ever experienced a take down?

I saw a coach publicly try to take down another coach earlier.

They hadn’t been burnt by them or anything like that by the looks of it, it seemed like they just wanted to expose someone or whatever.

Without even touching on the morals of that let’s look at what happens from a PR perspective during a take down…

It WILL bring engagement because people love a bit of drama.

This brings a false sense of being ‘on the right track’ which fuels more of the same and so they up their efforts by posting more about the same thing.

The engagement they get is unlikely to be by potential buyers, however- they’re more likely to be turned off.

They might feel mistrust and wonder if they might do the same to them one day.

The instigator is likely to be hurting their own brand as they can come across as negative and petty. Bit like a playground bully.

What about the coach who is being taken down?

It’s easy in this situation to think that ‘everyone’ is against you or that your reputation is ruined.

However, what it really does is act as a great filter!

Some will inevitably be outraged and block you, or whatever, but they were never your people anyway and it probably saved you a lot of headaches in the future.

And others will be more drawn to you. Especially if you maintain your dignity and don’t lower your vibe to match theirs.

People are watching, not just what’s being said but how you handle it. It’s a chance to demonstrate the type of leader you are and inspire with how you handle challenges gracefully. How you hold yourself and your boundaries while staying focused on your purpose and vision.