Here’s what sets you apart

It takes real courage to show yourself as an imperfect human and not just as an expert. It’s safer and easier to hide behind a shield of expertise but those who are brave enough to step away from that are the ones who will create the most impact.
Show your expertise but with Dauntless spirit- showing up as leaders and not just educators.

This means that, as well as sharing educational pieces, we consistently get in front of wide new audiences with our stories that show who we are professionally and personally, our opinions (both on our topic and beyond) and others that reflect our personality and what our values are.

I applaud anyone brave enough to face that feeling of vulnerability and to keep showing up revealing their true selves!

There’s nothing wrong with solely being an educator if that’s what you want, of course. But most people I speak to crave more impact and feel, on a deep level, that they are born to lead the way. For people to pay attention to their message and to make changes to improve their lives because of it. And these are the people I help.

You do this by standing for something, by showing the human behind your brand and by being fucking real- this is really needed right now with all the AI out there having conversations instead of humans.

By sharing your stories freely and from a place of power to develop a real connection with your people. When you do this, you’ll find that your people are drawn to you and will pay attention to your educational pieces more too!