How can I make sure I don’t get backlash when I get more visible with PR?

You don’t

You become somebody who can handle it. And that resilience comes from actually doing it (with support).

I remember the first time I was trolled. It seemed so intense at the time- like the whole world was against me and my body reacted as though I was in danger of being physically attacked.

By now I don’t even notice. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it means I don’t care enough to focus on it. I might see a few comments or whatever but I just move on, it doesn’t become a thing

Whenever you’re exposed to wide audiences you are going to be judged and probably criticised. There are people who spend all day with multiple profiles actively looking for things to get offended about and who to troll next. They WANT to create misery. And that’s nothing to do with you.

Are you going to let these losers block you from getting your message in front of your people?

I thought not

Remember this- you are a fleeting moment in their mind before they move on to the next person. Whether it’s a fleeting moment for you or whether it becomes your full focus is down to you. You’ve got this!