"How do you get clients' media bookings in the USA when you're based in the UK?"

Something that leaves people baffled at times is how we manage to get great results for our clients in the USA (and other parts of the globe) when we are based in the UK.

It’s simple… we’re in a fortunate time where we can make and develop connections from all over the globe online. We don’t need to limit ourselves to the UK and we don’t.

The type of PR we focus on is getting rebel personal brands booked for TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and other news outlets.

We work with coaches, speakers, authors and other creatives who can work with people from all over the globe- they are either fully online or have a physical location as well as being online.

We don’t work with those who want to target only a specific location. There’s nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of businesses that wouldn’t benefit from global media, it’s just not what we do. The reason is simple- we don’t want to limit ourselves, it doesn’t feel good to us. We’ve acquired incredible contacts over the years from all over the globe and we want to collaborate fully with them.

When a client registers with us, we develop relationships with the media in the locations where they are based and where their main audiences are. This is really easy- it makes no difference to us when building relationships whether they are in the UK or elsewhere. And we also pitch them to our existing contacts who would be interested in their topic and they are from several different countries.

So, let’s say you’ve registered for our VIP program. One day, you may be in placed in Fortune (USA) and another you may be appearing on ITV in the UK via a live link. Then you may be dialled in to be interviewed on Sunshine FM in Australia or maybe on the Talk of Alaska podcast in… well, Alaska.

Now, take a moment to absorb this: for all of those examples, you do not have to leave home. You can often do your interviews over Zoom or on the phone (others will be written too) so you can easily reach huge audiences from all over without having to physically be there.

Sometimes, you’ll be invited to the TV studio or radio/podcast station and when you get this option my advice is to say YES as long as it’s feasible for you to get there (it’s great fun and worth it for the images etc) but if you can’t, it’s OK because there are an abundance of opportunities that you can take from home or your office.

And here’s the other thing. All the media outlets we work with may be based in a certain location but most are available online… even local press is available and can be shared all across the globe! On occasion, you may get a feature that’s only available in print. That’s pretty rare these days but even so… if you can work with clients from all over the globe, it’s still beneficial to you.

There are over 5 billion people online. Why limit ourselves to one location?

Pssssst… even Dauntless Towers isn’t a physical building where we all have to be in one place, it’s what we call our online ‘office’. Freedom is among our highest values and our team are free to work from wherever they like and they’re not all UK based either.

So, the real questions are:

If you answered YES to all 3 of the above, I want to invite you to schedule a call with Team Dauntless to explore what PR could look like for you and your brand.

P.S. As a guideline, our prices range from £1000-25,000 depending on what you need and all our packages come with a guarantee of bookings.