How PR can increase your revenue

The purpose of PR is to build relationships and establish trust with your audience. It’s a long term strategy that amplifies your marketing and sales systems helping them to work more effectively. This leads to increased brand recognition, better reputation, and ultimately, increased sales.

However, PR is not a direct lead generation or conversion tool. While a feature in a major publication or a TV appearance can generate interest in what you offer, the focus of PR should be on building relationships and trust, rather than on driving sales.

When you approach PR with the sole intention of ‘getting leads and sales’, your energy and messaging can come across as inauthentic and pushy in the exact same way as if you connect with an ideal client and send them a DM to:

A. Build a relationship and take a genuine interest in them
B. Get them to buy from you

‘A’ is likely to result in building trust and that person may or may not want to buy from you now or in the future. ‘B’ is likely to have them running away and blocking you. People can sense these things and it’s the same whether you’re talking 1:1 in DM’s or 1:2m on TV.

A better approach is to use PR to demonstrate who you are, what sets you apart and to share your stories and experiences freely. Allow your people to get to know you and what you stand for on a deeper level. This is the stuff that creates loyalty and a real awareness and understanding of your brand, which in turn, leads to increased revenue.

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