How would you like for you and your work to be seen by millions of people on TV, radio, magazines & podcasts?

We’ve been working with top coaches and therapists for 6 years (with my own PR experience dating back to 2011!) to facilitate exactly these results 

Including, but not limited to getting placements for them on ITV’s This Morning, BBC radio, GB News, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, The Telegraph, Forbes, Yahoo, Pop Sugar and many more!

Just a quick side note: Right now we’re noticing a significant gap and lack of exposure for sex and relationship experts. We have a huge demand from journalists and producers on these topics and would love for you to step up and fill that gap!

With all this being said, PR isn’t the best strategy right now for people who don’t yet have a lead gen and sales strategy in place.

But for those who qualify, this kind of PR work is PERFECT to expand your presence and build your credibility.

That qualification is as follows:

If you are…

  • A coach or therapist who has an established offer and systems in place that the exposure can magnify
  • Someone who works with people from all over the world (this opens up international media possibilities!)
  • Someone with your sales and marketing dialled in, and you’re ready to expand and open the doors to the world!
  • Someone who truly wants to make a difference in the world, and share your message with as many people as possible.

Then we are who you need to be talking to!

We currently have just 3 VIP places to offer which means you have all of this done for you (while still being in collaboration with you to make sure you’re happy at every step of the way).

Sounds like it could be a good fit for you?

Great! – just send me a quick message or email my team on and we’ll get you set up with a PR planning call that can assess your needs and make sure you know exactly what we’ll need to make the most of this rare opportunity, and what it looks like for you moving forward.