I got a surprising email yesterday

It was from a top tier magazine offering me an article to be published for the bargain price of $25k.

Do you think that’s reasonable? I mean, people must be buying – would you?

It was a top tier outlet that carries huge credibility, yes. But our VIP’s get a minimum of 52 placements over the course of a year (usually much more) and it usually includes this outlet anyway.

The thing is- a single article is just that, one article. Might create a short term buzz but that’s it.

Consistency is where it’s at this is how you’re going to gain omnipresence- where you pop up all over the place.

So, why is this more effective than that one shiny feature?

A message is more likely to land the more somebody hears it. You’ll know this already from marketing and it’s the same with PR. People need repetition to really absorb your message.

Then the mere exposure effect is sparked- the more your people see you the more they will get to know, like and trust you (excuse the wanky phrase) which makes them way more likely to buy from you.

Of course, a huge thing is that you’re constantly being placed in front of wide new audiences too – not just the audience of one publication but many.

And time and time again which massively raises your visibility.

You’re cementing your authority by demonstrating your value- again and again.

And your credibility by having, not one, but many outlets and, potentially, multiple celebrities shouting about you which works like a referral on speed.