If you’re thinking of hiring a PR agency, something to check is- how long is their onboarding process?

It’s not a typical thing that someone would think to ask but it’s so important with a PR agency.I’ve heard of agencies taking up to 12 weeks for onboarding- during that time the client is paying in full and not a single pitch is going out. That’s not intended to throw shade at the way they do things and it doesn’t mean you’re just sitting on their books, they are still working for you- the time is used for extensive planning and will involve a lot of meetings. Different approaches appeal to different people- this may appeal to you if you’re a planner or an analytical type.

It’s not how we work at Dauntless PR. We start pitching you within 24 hours of your welcome call and most of our clients get their first booking within a week.

(Our record is 4 booked placements within 24 hours of registering… but that was a one off, not something we can promise we bloody give it our best shot though!)

We don’t do rigid and extensive PR plans with all the bells & whistles. We dive straight in and keep adjusting as we go. This leads, not only to rapid results, but BETTER results!

Why? Well… because we’re getting you your first booking within days not months and media leads to more media so it builds faster.

Our strategy is a mix of mid and top tier and a range of stories and comments going out so that you get consistent press and develop omnipresence.

Sometimes clients land those top tiers quickly- the more typical scenario is that they land the mid tiers first, start building their profile and the top tiers come a few months down the line.

We are also continually scouring the news cycle for stories our clients can tie into- this is so effective and a rigid plan wouldn’t allow us to do that.

This approach appeals to fast action takers, intuitive types and those who are… well, Dauntless!