Is PR For You?

PR can bring some amazing benefits, including building your visibility, credibility and authority. It can allow you to create real impact and make a positive difference in the world.

PR isn’t right for everyone though. So how can you tell whether it’s the best next step for you and your business?

First, imagine that you share a story which is important to you and it goes viral.

Here’s what might happen:

In other words – people hear your message and your story.
People know who you are and what you do.
They trust you as an expert and leader in your niche.

You’re changing lives on a massive scale.
So, to answer the initial ‘is PR for you’ question, I would reply with a question of my own…


the WORLD?

You might already have a sizeable audience on social media, but you want to reach more people who aren’t already in your orbit.
You might only have a modest following on your platforms, but you know that what you do is important and what you say deserves to be heard not by hundreds of people but by MILLIONS.

You know you have it in you to change so many more lives!
Most of our clients come to us knowing that what they do is amazing and they make a huge impact on those they work with. However, they share one problem – not enough people know they exist.

They see others in their niche who seem to have people clamouring to work with them and hanging on to their every word and they know, on a deep level, that they could belong on that level.

They know they can make a real difference but feel like they are constantly having to prove their credibility and build trust with potential clients.

They believe they could be doing even more great things in the world if they could get themselves and their expertise in front of more of the right kind of people.

At Dauntless PR, we help coaches, therapists and other experts to stop hiding in the shadows and step into the spotlight where they can really make a difference. We help you be seen and to cut through the noise!

As the sales trainer and entrepreneur Grant Cardone once said: “Obscurity is a bigger problem than money. You can’t get anywhere flying under the radar.”

For example, let’s say you’re a relationship coach. I just did a search on LinkedIn for ‘relationship coach’.

Take a look at this:
1,680,000 results! – That’s a lot of people doing the same thing as you.




Answer: through the power of mass media – PR.

We have a very specific method to both get you noticed – and keep you there..

We go for ‘Mass Omnipresence’…

This strategy isn’t about getting 100,000 followers on Instagram (although that can happen too).

It’s about leveraging the power of traditional mass media to share your message with millions of people. We encourage you to tell both personal and business stories as well as give your expert viewpoint and opinions in everything from regional press and niche publications to huge online news sites and major TV shows.

This power of social proof – other people talking about you – has a bigger effect on your credibility than anything else you can do.

If you were to enrol with us as your PR agency today, here’s what would happen next:

We Uncover Your


In an interview with our resident journalist of 24 years, we will learn all about you, your expertise and the stories and perspectives you want to share with the world. This is so we can write compelling pitches which will grab the attention of journalists and producers and make them eager to speak to you themselves.

The stories we pitch to the media on your behalf will always be authentic to you. We’ll never push you into sharing something you’re not comfortable with or ask you to be someone you’re not. When you join Dauntless, we become your biggest cheerleaders and we will always celebrate the things about you which make you unique.

For example, Juliet Owen-Nuttall is a fertility coach from the UK. She helps women over 40 get pregnant without IVF.

As she explains in the video below – she invested more than £20k in traditional well-meaning marketing coaches, who told her to market her services in a certain way.

Expensive ads ended up burning a hole in her pocket and only sent her bad leads who she didn’t resonate with.

After we shared the raw, emotional story of Juliet’s infertility journey far and wide around the world, she found that women just like her started reaching out and requesting her help.

Her business grew 100% and she was able to switch off her ads!

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Every single day, the Dauntless team is talking to and building relationships with journalists working at the very media outlets you want to appear in. They come to us from all over the world to find experts, case studies and stories they know their audience will love.

On a typical day, our inbox is flooded with between 70 and 100 requests from journalists, offering potential opportunities to our clients.

Why do we get this many? Because collectively as a team, we have decades of experience.

We’ve sent great stories to journalists everywhere for years. They trust us and we understand exactly what they’re looking for, so they keep coming back for more.

We’re talking to these journalists anyway, but if you join us, we’ll be talking to them about YOU.

Iman Gatti is a certified grief coach from Canada who got featured in Fortune, Business Insider, Newsweek, Closer, Mashable, Popsugar, Metro UK, HuffPost, Pick Me Up and many more – reaching an audience of more than 500 million in less than 5 months. As a result, her TikTok following soared to over 11,000.

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Unlike many traditional PR firms, which will spend the first three months planning and preparing you, we start pitching you straight away. We don’t promise instant fame but we do pride ourselves in taking action quickly and getting FAST results.

For example, in just two weeks, UK Therapist Martin Rothery was featured on This Morning, BBC Radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Derbyshire Times (twice), The Derby Telegraph and MSN.

You Get Featured in

Cool Stuff

We get you featured in a glorious mixture of media as we have found this gets our clients the best results. The people we work with typically appear on TV, radio and podcasts, as well as in magazines, newspapers, digital news outlets and industry-specific publications all over the world. And while we get our clients featured in well-known outlets, we don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power, influence and reach of the many mid-tier publications entertaining, informing and inspiring audiences across the globe.

Lyndsey Murray is a sex therapist from Texas and explains “My favourite placements are Forbes, Woman & Home, Cosmo and Vice, but honestly there are so many more – these are just the first ones to come to mind.”

When Lyndsey came to us she was an exceptional therapist doing amazing work but outside Dallas where she practised, no one knew she existed. She has now filled up her 1-1 slots and created a group programme to deal with all the extra demand.

She has reached an audience of more than one billion people in a year with her expert advice on sex and relationships.

Not only that, her confidence has grown and she now truly sees herself as the expert and leader that she is.

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Lyndsey came to us as a highly competent therapist who was only known locally in Dallas.

She has now filled up her 1-1 slots and has created a group programme to deal with all the extra demand.

She has reached an audience of over one billion people with her expert advice on sex and relationships.

Not only that, her confidence has grown and she now truly sees herself as the expert and leader that she is.


Over and Over Again!

PR builds on momentum and the more you are featured in the media, the more journalists will be clamouring to feature you in their articles and on their shows.

This not only helps you to grow your business and social media following but can also lead to other opportunities such as speaking gigs, awards and brand collaborations.

Kendra Capalbo was already a successful couples therapist in the USA when she came to us.

However, she wanted people to know her name across the globe – and knew she couldn’t do that with just the occasional news article here and there.

She’s been featured in a long list of publications everyone has heard of – including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Elle, MSN, Newsweek and Women’s Health.

In just 8 months, she reached an audience of almost 1.5 billion with her message.

Now Kendra is seen globally as a leading expert in her field.

She has a level of credibility above that of the average therapist – because of her Mass Omnipresence.

Now imagine for a moment what it would be like if you were to have this for yourself…

Your audience sees you all the time in print, online and on TV, radio and podcasts…

As a result, they find themselves thinking…

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That’s the power of Mass Omnipresence.

It’s not about sharing one story in one dream publication.

It’s about being featured over and over again.

In all kinds of media, all over the world.

This is exactly what happened to Russian violinist and music coach Dmitry Badiarov.

Dmitry was featured on Dutch TV channel RTL, countless high level podcasts, on NBC and in the Daily Herald, RAL and Chicago Tribune.

People started to see him everywhere.

As a result, they began to view him in a different light.

“If everyone is talking about this person, they must be worth talking about.”

As he describes in the video below, he suddenly found that high level coaching clients started coming to him:

Despite describing himself as a shy guy who definitely doesn’t want to be famous, he loved this experience.

Because he can still walk down the street without being recognised – his daily life hasn’t changed.

But now he is recognised and rewarded in his professional life as the expert that he is.

And you know what else?

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One of our amazing clients Leigh Campbell – who has since sadly passed away – had been told by other PR and marketing firms to ‘tone it down’. They suggested she should stop wearing red lipstick and be less intimidating. Basically, they wanted her to be less of herself.

We stick two fingers up to that.



…and build your PR all around that!

In Leigh’s first week with us, she was featured in The Independent, the Daily Mail and Yahoo.

She told us ‘it has raised my visibility as a menopause expert and psychotherapist hugely and the background support is great’.

US children’s author and LGBTQ advocate Cassie Brooks went from – in her words – being a ‘no-name’ to a leader in her community after we helped her tell her story – as she explains below:

Denise Damijo, Helena Phil, Martin Sharp, Andy Harrington, the list goes on – all different people, in different industries but the same end result – we shone a light on their powerful individual stories and they found that great things happened.

You see, everybody has a powerful story within them.

And when we help you uncover yours and tell it to the world, people will reach out and connect.

This is what dozens of our clients experience and you could be next.

If you want to stop being the world’s best kept secret and make a global impact instead, we can help.

At this point you’re probably wondering what your options are and how much it all costs. Our prices start from £500 a month and we have two packages.

I’ll lay that out clearly for you in a moment, but first, you may want to know who I am and why this is important to me…

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I'M Luana Ribeira, the founder of Dauntless PR.

I started working in PR back in 2011 when I worked for an agency. Through the years I

refined what I had learnt and in 2018, I created a system that not only got me in front of audiences in the millions on repeat but that successfully translated into results for my business- I soared to 6 figures in my first 3 months of a brand new business despite not having as much as a website at the time!

I wanted to share what I had found and to help give incredible people who are doing amazing things in the world a platform to get their voices heard and to change lives on a massive scale- I had felt invisible in the past and I didn’t want others to feel like that.

In 2020, I hired a team of experts with decades of experience and rebranded as Dauntless PR. It’s our mission to help incredible people gain the visibility and recognition they truly deserve, and to be the catalyst that amplifies impactful messages, so that they are heard on a global level.

Since then we’ve helped hundreds of clients to land amazing placements on TV, radio, magazines, podcasts and press and to develop mass omnipresence.


Option 1

Our VIP 'done for you' service

Price: £25k/year or £2200/month on a pay as you go basis

We’ll get you featured in a wide range of media, including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, major websites and industry-specific publications.

We guarantee a minimum of 52 placements over the course of a year – the equivalent of one a week – and we have always exceeded that number. We do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what really matters – sharing what you have to say with the world.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: We’ll learn all about you

As described earlier, our resident journalist will interview you and uncover your most compelling stories and perspectives. This takes an hour and we do it as soon as we can after you enrol. This call helps us develop your PR strategy and start pitching you to the media outlets you want to appear in.

Step 2: We’ll match you with journalists
Every day, we get between 70-100 incoming requests from journalists all over the world asking for stories and expert contributors. We’ll match you to the opportunities which are a great fit for you. We’ll then keep you in the loop by messaging you on your preferred platform so you always know what is happening.
Step 3: We’ll pitch your stories far and wide
We never sit back and wait for journalists to come to us. We will proactively pitch you to all your dream publications and make sure your stories and messages are heard by the people you want to reach.

Step 4: Get featured in the media

You’ll be featured in media all over the world, again and again and again. And we will monitor where you appear for you, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Step 5: Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

We repeat this process every single day. Simple!

You also get these bonuses to help you maximise the benefits of your media coverage.

Bonus 1: Media Training
We help you work out exactly what to say on TV, radio and podcasts, so even the toughest interviewer can’t trip you up. We also help you learn to make the most of every interview, so viewers and listeners are keen to find out more.

Bonus 2: Monetise your media
We’ll show you all our smart techniques to make sure your media coverage is working hard on your behalf and helping you reach your business goals.

Option 2

Our Media Impact Accelerator 'done with you' service

Price: £5k/year or £500/month on a pay as you go basis

You’ll get featured in the same kind of media outlets as our VIP clients and follow a similar process. The only difference is that you’re in the driving seat and achieving these results for yourself with our support, expertise and guidance.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: A one to one call with our resident journalist
Just like our VIP clients, you’ll have a one to one call with our in-house journalist. She’ll interview you about your business journey before writing for first pitch, ready to be sent out to journalists.
Step 2: We’ll give you access to amazing media opportunities
We get between 70-100 incoming requests from journalists every day all over the world asking for stories and expert contributors. We post the opportunities we think will be relevant and beneficial to our clients in our Facebook group. You simply tell us which ones appeal to you, and send us the information we need so we can pitch you directly to the journalists.
Step 3: We teach you how to pitch yourself
We teach you everything you need to know to write your own compelling pitches which journalists can’t resist. You’ll be given expert feedback and guidance at every stage of the process. We’ll then help you pitch yourself to your dream publications by giving you the right contacts to send your pitches to.
Step 4: Get featured in the media
You’ll see yourself appear in media all over the world over and over again.
Step 5: Wash, Rinse, Repeat!
Repeat this process every single day. Simple! We’ll even be there to hold you accountable and encourage you on those days where you need a little motivation.
With Media Impact Accelerator, your membership includes:

Access to a weekly pitching clinic.
You’re invited onto a weekly Zoom call with our resident journalist to ask any questions you have about pitching or dealing with journalists and get feedback and support with writing your own pitches.

A monthly mock interview to help you shine
You’ll be able to come onto our monthly Dauntless Roast where we will help you develop your interview technique so you never end up thrown or tongue-tied during the real thing.

Access to multiple courses on Kajabi
We’ve put together a comprehensive catalogue of training videos teaching you everything you need to know about not only securing media coverage but making sure it helps you reach your goals.

Access to a supportive online community
When you join Media Impact Accelerator, you’ll also join an awesome and supportive community of badasses. Our members celebrate each other’s wins and our team are on hand to answer your questions and offer any support and guidance you need.

And you also get some awesome bonuses…

Bonus 1: An interview with our resident journalist and your first pitch written for you!

Bonus 2: The Get Booked for Forbes Masterclass
This video training will tell you the exact steps you need to follow to get yourself featured in Forbes

Bonus 3: The Get Booked for TedX Masterclass
Fancy sharing your message on stage in a TedX talk? Our masterclass will show you how.

Here's a handy comparison of our 2 offerings


We have limited space on our VIP programme and a high demand for spots. Due to this, we ask all potential VIPs to schedule a call first to see if we’re a good fit for working together.

We do have strict requirements for our VIP programme because we can only accept those who we are certain we can get incredible results for.

The requirements are:

You are open with your stories and want mass omnipresence

Your message is one that creates positive change

You have been in business for a minimum of 2 years

You are making a revenue of £100k a year minimum

If you’re interested in Media Impact Accelerator, you can enrol right now – however we recognise you may have questions, so you have the option to speak to us first if you like.

If you want more info on either offer, you can contact us directly on Whatsapp by clicking the button below:

When you open the chat, please give a little background about your business and what your goals are.

Will I be supported?

One thing that both our VIP and Media Impact Accelerator clients tell us is that they are shocked – in a good way – at how fast we respond and how helpful we are.

And how they have quickly become part of a friendly community that feels like family.

When you join Dauntless, you become like family and we support you every step of the way.

This is Suzanne Roynon. Suzanne is a Media Impact Accelerator client and has been with us since 2020.

As she says in the video below, she’s now a BBC guest expert, she’s been in hundreds of featured articles and she’s now on the speaking circuit.

In fact, she’s spoken on the main stage at the Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live and the Clean and Tidy Home Show.

Suzanne says this is all down to the training and support from Dauntless, which she describes as ‘exemplary‘.

When you become part of the Dauntless family, you get to experience this for yourself.

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Want to see more examples of recent media and

success stories?

Feel free to click over to our success stories page or take a look at our media wall.

Note that the media wall only contains a small percentage of our actual bookings, because many of our clients prefer to go ‘incognito’ and not tell the world they hired a PR agency.

If that’s the case for you, you can trust that your privacy is always safe with us.

Whichever you decide to do, we look forward to working with you together on the inside!