Media Interview Mastery

Are you an expert looking to amplify your message and become known as a leading voice?

Do you envision yourself confidently delivering interviews on TV, radio, podcasts and in magazines? The audience gripped on your words? You nailing your message and handling each question with ease? Effectively calling your people back to your space?

Maybe you also understand that you can be a phenomenal speaker and have a ton of charisma but to be able to hold yourself during a challenging interview or to be able to deal with questions you don’t want to answer and to always come out with your reputation gleaming is a skill that requires fine tuning.

Maybe there’s a part of you who is afraid of going blank, stumbling over your words or blurting something out you wish you could take back. These are all valid and pretending they’re not there doesn’t make these thoughts go away. What does make them go away is… certainty!

It’s knowing exactly what to do in each given situation and practicing until it becomes second nature.

It’s nailing the message you want to get across and communicating that in a way that lands.

It’s developing the skills to be able to think on your feet and respond confidently to any question without using wanky phrases and coming across as shifty.

What You Will Learn in Media Interview Mastery:

Preparation: How to effectively prepare for media interviews so you show up at your best every time

Persuasive Delivery: Learn the art of communicating your message clearly, leaving your audience eager to discover more about you and your offerings.

Trust-Breakers to Avoid: what commonly used wanky phrases makes an interviewee look shifty and how to respond instead

Expect the unexpected: Whether it’s a tricky question or an unforeseen situation, emerge from any interview scenario with your reputation shining brighter than ever.

Body Language & Tonality Mastery: The unsaid speaks volumes. Master the subtle cues of body language and the nuances of voice to make a lasting impression.

Versatile Interview Techniques: From written articles to podcasts and TV spots, master the nuances in different interview formats and stand out every time.

Master your media interviews with lifetime access to the course for only £500.