If 2023 is the year for you to get seen, get heard and make money then Media Maverick may be the catalyst in bringing your vision into reality.
Media Maverick

You dominating your space by reaching audiences in their millions by getting into the media with your message…

And you do so in a way that is Dauntless

This means that you think independently, you don’t follow the crowd and you are REAL.

You don’t always follow the rules. Sometimes it gets you in trouble but, somehow, you always land on your feet.

People wonder how you do it. Some of your experiences are incomprehensible to others but you stand in your power, sometimes fleeting, never wavering.

The work you do is game changing and you know it. You just need more people to know about you.

Here’s your chance…

3 day adventure

Full support and guidance from me and #TeamDauntless in an exclusive group

First run is our gift to you there will be a charge next time.

By the end of this adventure you will have created an irresistible media pitch that could potentially get you in front of audiences in their MILLIONS. .

50 spots only.


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