Media training is essential for every business owner

I’ve been in business since the noughties. Back then, things were completely different! We’d bring new business in by posting flyers in local shops and getting a listing on the Yellow Pages got to make sure the business name starts with A to be first, ha!).

Outside of our local communities, nobody knew about us and if we said or did something careless or that could be taken out of context it didn’t go very far- maybe a bit of gossip while people had a chat in the Post Office queue but that’s it. We didn’t need to worry about being cancelled and people definitely didn’t get offended as much.

These days, we’re all online and our words and actions can travel much further. There are people who actively look for ways to be offended and our words and actions can go viral leading to people being scrutinised as if under a microscope and, in some cases, cancelled.

This makes media training essential for everybody building a personal brand. You have to manage your own reputation or others will do it for you.

Communication isn’t just sharing information but building trust, managing reputations and building relationships.

You may do a media interview and think it’s gone well because you had a great chat but were you able to effectively shift something in the listeners’ mindset and attract them back to your space? And then when they got there was your marketing able to seamlessly take over to entice people into the next step of your funnel? Because that’s how you make PR meaningful to your business and that’s why media training is essential.