Our new Dauntless PR member, Anna Donaghey, was the 3rd most read article on the BBC website.

This was following her radio interview (that she did just before she joined) where she spoke about being alcohol-free after a bottle of wine a night being the norm.

Anna noticed the subscribers on her podcast, The Big Drink Rethink, went up substantially and she told me she was getting enquiries from abroad and wasn’t sure why. 

Has she not got support with how to leverage all of this, what probably would have happened is the buzz would have worn off and all would go back to normal. 

However, she knew that she needed support to make the most of this. 

When she told me, the first thing I did was check our creepy software that we set to follow our members around and found that her article had also been picked up by MSN in the states, the Philippines and Malaysia among others. 

Outlets don’t call up and ask when this happens… she wouldn’t have known about them otherwise! 

We found that she had already reached an audience of well over 100 million with her story- no wonder her podcast had gone wild.

Next, I gave her one of my valued contacts (she’s on Media Impact Accelerator, which is our done WITH you service) and guided her on exactly what to say in the email to ride the publicity she already has and use it to pitch to a national breakfast TV show. 

She may or may not get called in- not all pitches land which is why consistency is so important (also they often get shelved and called up in future!) 

Anyway, this all happened on her get started call. I think she’s well and truly started now, do you? 

Now that’s not all Anna will be doing to ride this. Today she has a call with our in-house journalist who will be building a more in-depth strategy with her and will be sharing all the contacts she needs to make the most of her radio interview. 

Excited to see what unfolds. Anna is set for huge things!