Painting fences. OK, just hear me out on this one…

Imagine if Darren, was down the local pub, shouting loudly to anybody who will listen about how he’s the best at painting fences.

And you kind of think ‘OK Darren, that’s great but I’m just trying to enjoy my G&T’ and don’t pay much attention. Maybe you don’t even have a fence.

But the next day he walks in with the founder of Home Depot who is telling everyone how awesome Darren is at painting fences and that he has a technique he’s developed that means he’s faster and has a way better finish than anybody else. And then you go outside and you see him painting Ty Pennington’s fence… in a way you’ve never seen before.

And every time you go to the pub now you see Darren advising well known brands and painting various celebrities fences.

And you think ‘Fuck me, what is it with this guy? Why are all these well known brands talking about Darren and if he’s trusted to help all these celebrities, I’m intrigued to see what he could do.’

And if you don’t have a fence you might buy one, specifically… because all these celebrities are raving about Darren’s fences and you want to know what the buzz is about.

He’s wowed all these influential people so you want to see what the big deal is and hire him yourself.

They’ve created intrigue and you trust in his techniques because they wouldn’t all be shouting about Darren’s fences if he wasn’t the real deal- they’re not talking about Simon’s fences so Darren’s must be special. He is the ONLY choice. It’s like referrals but on speed

This is the credibility you get with PR. You don’t get that by paying through the doors with advertising or pay to play media- you have to earn it. And that’s what I can help you with.

Note: We work with coaches and entrepreneurs who are experts on a specific topic. Painting fences not required.