Question: Why do Teslas do so well?

I love them! But they’re probably not the best car.

Well, it’s the same reason people went crazy for those weird ‘Prime’ drinks last year.

From what I heard, they were selling for £10 in some school playgrounds and up to £50 on EBay.


I’ll give you a second to think about it…

Did you get it?

It’s because of the personal PR around Elon Musk (for Tesla) and Logan Paul (for Prime).
People connect with other people.

And when ‘normal people’ connect with ‘authority people’ in the right way – they buy their stuff.

And this is what personal PR is all about.

It makes you an authority in front of ‘your people’.

They LOVE you, and as a result……naturally gravitate to buying a ton of your offers.
(And as a bonus, if you have multiple offers, you find people ‘self select’ and lead themselves into the offers that suit them. So one personal PR campaign ends up helping you to sell multiple offers).

For example our client Scott recently sold 5,000 units of his fitness course at £129 a pop.

Now he would have sold a fair few without our help…
But the extra ‘authority positioning’ from our strategically placed PR doubtlessly made a huge difference.