Should you go for earned media or pay to play for maximum impact?

Most coaches will take the ‘pay to play’ option when they want publicity because it feels safer.

They get to control the piece and it’ll turn out exactly as they want.

It feels great! Especially when they share it with their audience and get loads of people congratulating them.

But is it the most effective way to get the impact, credibility and exposure they want and deserve?

Well… why don’t earned media outlets give you full control over the final piece?

Because they are experts in being able to hook in their audience to read the piece. They know what is interesting to their audience and what will get them to read it. And isn’t that what you want? More eyes on you and your message?

So what you’ll usually find with pay to play outlets is that they’re designed to appeal to the contributor over the audience- which makes sense because the contributor is the buyer.

You’ll feel great about it but it’s typically not as interesting to those who don’t already know you and so your exposure and ability to create real impact is reduced.

The huge plus of earned media is also the credibility factor which isn’t a thing for paid media- think of it more like an advert in the style of an article.

I totally get that releasing control over your story can be scary, btw. And I’m not going to tell you that you’re going to LOVE every piece that’s released- our vision and the journalist’s will often be different. This is where you have to be able to let go and trust that your message will land with the right people.

The thing to focus on with earned media is what you CAN control. And that is- everything you do and say during your interviews (we have a heavy focus on this at Dauntless because there’s a world of difference between ‘having a great chat’ with a host or journo and delivering an interview that’s effective for your business).

If you think you may be ready to be Dauntless in how you approach your visibility and make the impact you (and your people) deserve, email me back with a YES ( and we’ll have a chat.