Social Takeover

Get ready for a social media takeover with your irresistible content showcasing the truest version of YOU!

If you want to reach the masses with PR but first, you want to make social media your bitch, this is for you.

In this masterclass + 30

day challenge, we will be helping you to:
Unleash your wild quit depriving the world of your true self, rip off the mask of conformity and
showcase who the fuck you really are
Get clear on your message what is the message you are here to deliver and how can you communicate that in a way that is magnetic AF? What makes YOUR message stand out when others are saying similar?

Blow up your authority become the one who springs to mind as the CREDIBLE source of information whenever your topic is mentioned

Become magnetic to journalists, producers and more of your ideal clients Socials on auto pilot make creating content and showing up online easy by making it as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning. No more over thinking, no more writing a post and deleting it after second guessing yourself and no more hiding in the shadows.

This juicy AF masterclass will be followed immediately by our 30 day ‘Make Social Media Your Bitch’ challenge. You will receive a daily Dauntless co ntent prompt and accountability for 30 days to help you to get consistent.

What you get

Access to our Social Media Takeover Masterclass on Zoom and the recording so you can watch it
back any time you need a surge of inspiration!

An exclusive and supportive online community

Daily content prompts delivered fresh into your inbox for 30 days

Social Takeover masterclass will take place on:
12th September, 2022 7 pm BST

Find your time zone here:

Replay available if you can’t make it live

Replay available if you can’t make it live.

Followed by 30 days of Dauntless content prompts and accountability!

The investment for all of this is only £49!

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