Some awesome & weird things have been happening lately

I had been feeling a little ‘meh’ and uninspired and I wanted to inject some excitement into my life by trying some new things.

I thought I’d quite like to try stand up comedy which is absolutely terrifying and seems like fun.

So I did! I performed on Monday and already have 2x more gigs lined up.

I also thought I’d like to be a DJ for a night. And guess what? I’m booked to play at the hemp festival in Alaska of all places!

My 15 y/o told me she wants to be a voice over actress so I’ve not only wangled it so she can come with me to Cannes Film Festival this month to meet the right people but she’s been offered her first VO job for TV.

These opportunities have come through connections I’ve made with PR.

Of course, you already know that the visibility & credibility the right PR gets you can only be a great thing for your business but not many realise the impact it has outside of business too.

When you have connections with influence from all over the world, doors and opportunities will open for you that you can’t predict. It keeps life interesting and exciting!!!