Something that stops amazing coaches & therapists in their tracks is getting negative comments.

I get it. I really do!

Years ago, when I got shitty comments it would consume me. I’d take it to mean I was doing something wrong or that everyone hated me. Sometimes I felt as though I was about to be physically attacked despite the fact it was online.

It really used to get to me until, gradually, I came to realise that- it doesn’t fcking matter. Any of it. Because they’re not my people. I asked myself- do I really want to work with people who trawl the internet looking for things to get offended by or for people to make nasty comments to for no reason? Don’t know about you but I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a Dorito.

And if I have to be exposed to these trolls to reach my actual people (and this is number 1!), then so be it… but I don’t have to give them my energy.

Also, I realised making money and giving my family a nice life is worth more than the opinion of Dodgy Dave who sits in his mum’s basement all day shoving peperami’s in his mouth and giggling like mad because he wrote ‘scammer’ on a news story about a coach.

It wasn’t a quick process though, it was gradual. And the only reason I’m able to deal with it now is because I kept going. I kept allowing myself to become more and more visible and feeling the discomfort until it became… well, quite comfortable, actually! And then I increased it again.

The only way to get comfortable with visibility is to do it and to keep doing it and to ride the discomfort, then increase and do it all again. It’s not just new starters who go through this discomfort, btw. It can happen at all stages when they hit a new level of visibility.