Success Stories

Get seen, get heard, make money!

Jasmine Rose Anderson

Celebrity Psychic Jasmine Rose Anderson went from unknown to in-demand with the media as the psychic who gives predictions on the royals reaching an estimated audience of over 124 MILLION… and she’s doubled her prices!

Vanessa Moss

Within 10 days of working with us, she was featured in every national newspaper in the UK with the story of her business journey.

Martin Rothery

62,000,000 people! That was my PR reach in just 2 weeks thanks to Luana Ribeira and her amazing team. 

Helena Phil

Life & fitness coach, Helena Phil came to us wanting to get into the media to get her message out into the world, knowing that she had the potential to change countless lives by speaking her truth.

Sandra Stachowicz

Why you don’t want to work with Luana Ribeira and her team!!!

Toulouki Orisini

Toulouki Orisini, talented photographer and model, battled through breast cancer and wanted to share a key sign that should never be ignored,in the hope that other women will go and get themselves checked out if they experience the symptom.

Richard Fletcher

“Why would the media be interested in me? I’m just an ordinary guy running an online business…” This is what Richard said to me when he registered for our PR services.

Rachel Michaelson

Rachel shot into the media on her trip to the USA with an appearance on FOX TV, an interview on the Mike & Ming show and features on Hollywood in 5, Digital Journal and News 9 among many others.

Henry Johnstone

Men’s Coach Henry Johnstone Started His PR With A Bang. Almost Immediately, He Was In The Metro, Which Has A Reach Of A Whopping 25 Million…

Dr Morgana MCabe Allan

Dr Morgana MCabe Allan has been able to focus on creating incredible things in her business with us taking care of her PR… and she’s had amazing publicity!

Sebastian Roberts

Sebastian Roberts went on FOX TV USA and has been covered in tons of major outlets about his career as an actor and film director!

Martin Sharp

Author, Speaker and Founder of Sharp Fit for Life, Martin Sharp. 5x TV interviews 6x radio interviews 16x online news Several local and national news sites and print … in his first 8 weeks of being in #TeamDauntless!

Leigh Campbell

Leigh joined Dauntless PR and got off to a flying start, making her initial investment back as a direct result of her first batch of features and has opened up other forms of revenue. 
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