Toulouki Orisini

Toulouki Orisini, talented photographer and model, battled through breast cancer and wanted to share a key sign that should never be ignored,in the hope that other women will go and get themselves checked out if they experience the symptom.


Toulouki Orisini's Story


We pitched her to several news outlets and at first, it looked like there was nothing happening… then it was picked up by The Express. Sometimes, these stories spread like wildfire, and that’s exactly what happened this time.

When I checked my creepy software that follows my clients around to see what’s being said about them, we found that Touliki’s message had travelled to Turkey and to the US, with 9 additional pick-ups, reaching an audience of over 2 million. The incredible thing is, that there could be somebody out there who was experiencing this symptom (which isn’t on the usual list of what to look out for) who was saved as a result.

There could have been more. There could have been women who passed that information on to their daughters, friends, mothers, who passed it on to more women. We’ll never know. That’s the really exciting part of sharing our stories – we’ll only get to hear about a fraction of the impact we’re actually having. When we do hear from people, it’s incredible, but there’s something special about the thought that other people, who we don’t know and will never hear from may be making positive changes as a result

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