Unleash Your Inner Dauntless

Do you ever write a post, then second guess yourself and delete it?

Or spend ages hovering over the ‘go live’ button before talking yourself out of it and

Or know you want to reach the masses with your message but get blocked when you think of pitching to the media?

If you answered yes to any of the above…

I want you to know that I get it.

Overcoming the crippling fear of becoming fully visible has been a major part of my journey.

And it’s no wonder – we’ve been conditioned to blend in since the day we were born.

Fuck, before then! Your ancestors who dared stand out and speak their truth were heavily punished, even killed for doing so. That fear has been passed down through generations, it’s in our genes.

The good news it that you can overcome it.

I went from crippling shyness to confidently speaking on stages across the world and on TV with audiences in the millions. My business, my finances, my relationships… transformed.

I’ve created a 25 day intensive to help you to find your true voice and to boldly speak your truth without the fear of judgement and criticism standing in your way.

In Unleash Your Inner Dauntless, we will cover:

This is for coaches, entrepreneurs and artists who know they have so much to give the world but have been hesitating to unleash their greatness. Or to even see their greatness.

This is delivered live in an exclusive online community and you’ll get lifetime access to the materials via a course portal.


Online community will open much earlier and there will be some juicy pre-work for you to delve into.

We’ve made this investment super easy- £250

Remember – You weren’t born to be ordinary… you were born to shine