Craft Irresistible PR Pitches That Will Get You Booked

You can get unlimited PR by earning your way onto TV, radio, magazines, podcasts and other press on a regular basis elevating your visibility and credibility… without the hefty price tag.

For years, we have used our unique strategy to get our VIP clients booked in outlets such as Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, Psychologies, Men’s Health, PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, OK! Magazine, Vogue and so many more! Our process is BS free, simple and rapid… and now we are ready to share it with you so you can get these results for yourself too.

Doing this work with raise your brand awareness, help your message to cut through the noise and will build your credibility and authority which indirectly results in your leads and sales systems becoming more effective.

Here’s what PR can do for your personal brand:
Fertility Expert Juliet Owen Nuttall experienced a 100% growth in her business when she replaced her Facebook ads with Dauntless PR.

The co-founder of the Non-invasive Method, who helps women get pregnant naturally without IVF, is a member of Dauntless PR’s Mastermind. When she joined, she was spending a lot of money running ad campaigns for her business but finding they didn’t help her reach her ideal clients in the way she wanted.

Since she started working with Dauntless PR, Juliet has been featured in major media outlets, including the Mirror, Metro, The Sun, The Guardian, the Daily Mail and Stylist. The visibility she has achieved through PR has helped her connect with her audience better and allowed her to grow her business without needing to pay for ads.
Juliet says: “My business is growing consistently and organically and I enjoy it. It has grown 100% since working with Dauntless PR – it is a completely different business.”

She says she was initially nervous about joining as she had already spent more than £20,000 on coaching and programmes which hadn’t delivered the results she had been hoping for.

She says: “My doubts were just fear. The investment is nothing compared to the growth I have experienced in a year. It is worth ten times what I invested”

In Velocity we will be covering:

Create your media kit
Craft irresistible PR pitches for TV, radio, magazines and press
Find the right contact to send it to
How to effectively track and follow up
Writing and distributing press releases
Pitching for podcasts
Writing killer articles
How to get your articles published

This is for you if:

You want to book incredible features but it’s not the right time for you to be making a big financial investment into PR –

You have a bold message that will impact the world in a positive way

You have an ethical business

You are committed to investing 10-15 minutes a day and are dedicated to getting the result

This is not for you if:

You’re not going to do the work and then complain that it’s not working (buying the thing isn’t enough y’know!)

You take pride in being the World’s Best Kept Secret

You’re one of these people who convinces themselves they don’t need to pitch because they’re so amazing, the media will come to them (note- these are also the same people who sit back and wonder why clients aren’t flocking to them too)

You think PR is a magic fix for your business. It’s for brand awareness and credibility which amplifies what you’re already doing but does not fix or create something that doesn’t work.

Learn our unique, BS free PR process which gives you the potential for unlimited earned PR (no paying through the doors!) for only £500.