Why mass omnipresence is the best way to become known as the go-to expert in your niche

When you pop up all over the place and becoming a familiar face and a recognisable voice, a few things happen.

The more familiar you become, the more your people grow to like you, even if their initial response was neutral. The level of trust they have in you is also increased the more they are exposed to you and your message.

When you do this through traditional media, as opposed to the socials, the effect is magnified because not only are you reaching far more people than you would on the socials but it’s somebody else endorsing them – other brands and celebrities that they already know- where anyone can shout about how great they are on the socials.

What most of PR agencies do is get their clients a top tier booking every now and again- we do that but also we get our clients into mid tier outlets in between. Top tiers are the famous ones you probably will have heard of, mid tiers are lesser known and still have a decent reach- the point is, you don’t have to choose.

The reason we do this is for high reach- why reach 2 million in 1x top tier outlet when you can reach 10 million with a combination of top and mid tier? Why limit your exposure?

The more people you are exposed to the greater chance you have of attracting more of your people back to your space, the more credibility pieces you have to use with your existing audience and the more you become recognised as an authority.

Also, media leads to more media. The more you pop up the more in-demand you become. Mid tiers don’t take place of top tiers but they help you to book MORE of them.